Running with the Ball

A player is allowed to carry and run with the ball, to pass it on. The rule, however, limits the player from carrying in their hands for too long. The player must touch the ball to the ground at least once every 15 metres. When a player fails to do this, the other team will be awarded a free kick. The way the player touches down the ball, is like bouncing the ball off the ground, as it is done when dribbling in basketball.

Hand Passing

The rule prevents players from throwing the ball. If a player intends to pass the ball to another player, they can do that by hitting the ball with closed fists.


Players kick the ball to pass it on to other players, or to score goals in Australian Football. When a player manages to kick the ball, and another player gets to the ball before it touches the ground, or reaches another player, that player gets a mark or is awarded a free kick. The players will move away from the spot where the mark was awarded to the player and then kick the ball again, without the opponent interfering. The player can also decide to continue to play on, by running or hand-passing, the ball to another player.

Goal Scoring

Each end of the playing field has four goal posts in total, i.e. one for each end of the field. The two central goals posts are usually much taller than the other posts. A player can kick the ball into any of the four goalposts. When the ball is kicked into the middle posts, the team scores six points. If the ball goes into the other outer goalposts, the player just gets one point. It is allowed that the ball could touch the ground before it enters any of the goalposts. If the ball travels through any of the goalposts with a player’s hand, the team will be awarded just one point as it would be regarded as a behind.


Players are allowed to tackle a player in the game, if the player is carrying the ball below his shoulders, or if he has the ball above his knees. It would be recorded as a foul, if a player trips another player, or hits them above the shoulders. When a player does either of these, the other team will be awarded a free kick.