When doing bookmaker reviews, this website looks at specific factors that determine if they are worth investing into, and we look closely at what each bookmaker offers. By navigating each bookmakers website, we are able to gather information on the depths of the betting markets they provide and give an assessment of the best online bookmakers for punters to try.

There are undoubtedly a lot of bookmakers in the betting industry, and they all do not offer equal terms to punters. To compare what each of these sites offers, and if they are equal, we look at the following.


We advise clients to be aware and cautious, before engaging with bookmakers, especially the ones that they have no information about. If their website looks cheap, it raises an eyebrow. Some of these bookmakers can fold up in a day, and customers will lose all the money invested, without any chance of claiming it back. There are reputable companies that are licensed to carry out their betting business in Australia, and with these bookmakers, customers can lay claim to their money. This site will provide reviews on the various bookmakers, and guide punters in choosing the best of them.

The primary benefit of using reliable and reputable betting companies is that they usually have high-security encryption, which will protect against hackers getting into their database.

Legal Issues

The legal rights of online betting sites are determined by countries. Many betting sites usually follow the laws applicable to different countries, and they give punters the option to choose if they want to contradict the laws of their home country and go ahead to bet. The government of each country decides on the way to handle any violation of the rules about online betting. They sometimes issue fines to the company or focus on an individual breaking the law. With the sports betting reviews on this site, bettors will know which bookmaker applies to their own country. This platform will provide reports about the best bookmakers for the Australian Football League.


Many bettors have fallen victim to scams by bookmakers. These sites will take the customer’s money, and close up their website the next minute. They lure customers to sign up with them, by coming up with unrealistic bonus offers to exploit bettors. Most of these sites claim to give bonuses such as $100 for a $20 deposit. When the customer signs up eventually, they are unable to withdraw the bonus or even their own money.