Australian Football is actually the most popular sport played in Australia. It is usually referred to as Australian Rules Football (AFL). It is even more popular than rugby union and league. Australian Football matches are held every week from winter to the spring season. This makes it an excellent gambling opportunity for the betting markets, and punters don’t fail to take advantage of it.

You will find headlines all the time talking about the Australian Football games happening all over the country, especially during the winter season. The games start around March and end in October every year. 18 teams take part in the Australian Football League, to compete for the final awards, as champions of Australian Football.

Before you go ahead to place your bets on the Australian football betting markets, you need to learn more about the game, to increase your odds of winning bets. There are many betting markets available in the Australian Football League, such as betting on handicaps, head markets, points totals etc.

Reading Betting Guides

One sure way of improving your chances of gaining profits when betting on Australian Football is by following football guides to the game. The guides will help you know what AFL offers are available, the most exciting games to bet on, and the recent scoring records of the teams. Doing your research gives you knowledge about the best bookmakers, betting strategies and systems to win your bet.

Watching the Football Game

Another way to help increase your chances of winning AFL bets is by watching the football games. It is hard to bet on sports that you don’t know anything about because it would end up being a guessing game. Learn more about the teams, and all the players, in the Australian Football League. This will help you get an insight into the game. It is also essential to understand the rules of the game, as this usually affects the odds of the game. You can use your knowledge of the game to win bets on Australian Football. It puts you at an advantage when you know everything there is to know about the game.