If you don’t know a lot about Australian Football and you plan on betting on this sport, you should know one thing though; that the game is fast paced and quite similar to American football, but still very unique in its own way. The game is about scoring a lot of goals during the match. Players can work the ball by kicking, running with the ball or handballing it. They don’t make use of pads and are able to tackle at their shoulders or between the knees. Watching the game for the first time is extremely exciting because you notice the speed at which the players tackle and score. Another thing that draws the attention of Unibet punters to the game is the is the winning opportunities it has. However, when people watch this game, they get hooked on it for the rest of their lives.

Australian football is popularly referred to with the term “footy,” because it is fast-paced, physical, but still very distinct, from other football games such as rugby, soccer and American football. The game involves two teams, with a total of eighteen players on the large field area, which is oval in shape. Australian professional teams usually play football on cricket ovals. This means that there could be a possibility that the size of the field could be as large as 500 feet in length, and its width measuring 450 feet.

The primary objective of Australian football is that players score as many goals as possible during the game. They are to score goals by kicking the football through the goalposts, that have been set on either side of the football field. Just like American football, the Australian ball also has rounded ends. Players can punch the ball from the hands of the opponent, they can hit the ball with clenched fists, or they can kick the ball. Players are also allowed to run with the ball while holding it in their hands. However, during the game players must not throw the ball. The rule of the game says that the ball must be touched down to the ground at least once in every 15 metres that the player runs with the ball. Australian Football doesn’t have any offside rule, like regular football, and players can take a shot in any direction they want.

is amongst the oldest sports in the world. Now that you know alot about this very interesting game, you can now bet on your favourite sport.